Kevin “Kay” Savetz
web publisher • Atari historian • podcaster
Kay is owner of Savetz Publishing, a web site publishing company, where they operate more than 100 useful little web sites.

They are co-host of Antic: The Atari 8-Bit Podcast, where they have published more than 350 oral history interviews with people involved with the early home computer industry; and Eaten By A Grue, a podcast about Infocom text adventure games. They are author of Terrible Nerd, a true-life coming-of-age story.

They live in Portland, Oregon.
Eaten By A Grue
Terrible Nerd
Scantastix scanning project
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Legacy Projects

Some 1992-2005 magazine/newspaper articles
1994 best-selling book: Your Internet Consultant—The FAQs of Life Online
1994 book (unpublished): Internet Top Ten Lists
1996 book: MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet
1995 web page: 75 Years of Band-Aid
1997 Unofficial Internet Book List
Known Users, Sequoia Macintosh Users Group newsletter, 1987-1994
1995 web page: Kevin's Fridge Magnets
1995 web page: Foam Bath Fish Time
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