The Unofficial Internet Book List

About the Book List

The Unofficial Internet Book List is a bibliography of books about the Internet, its users, software, hardware, use and abuse. It currently indexes more than 800 books.

There are so many books on the Internet that it can be tough finding the one that you want. The Book List is meant to help you find out what book you need before trekking to the bookstore or library. If you still can't find the book, the Book List includes information on contacting the publishers.

You can browse the Book List by topic--for instance, if you're looking for a book on running Web server, you can find descriptions of a dozen books on the topic.

New 22 May 1997: You can now order books you find in the Book List via For more information on ordering follow the link.

The Book List is a service of Kevin Savetz Publishing. Please read the legal stuff regarding its use.

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