A Small Business Guide to Doing Big Business on the Internet

Author: Brian Hurley and Peter Birkwood
Publisher: Self-Counsel Press
ISBN: 1-55180-029-2
Price: 14.95
Pages: 174
Published: February, 1996
For more information: http://www2.magmacom.com/~bhurley/book.html E-mail: selfcoun@pinc.com
Notes: This practical guide shows you how to setup an Internet-based business, answering questions such as: What business opportunities are available on the Internet?, How can e-mail, Usenet, Telnet, FTP and the Web help my business?, What are the legal and security issues surrounding the Internet?, How do I find clients on the Internet?, How do I create a winning Internet presence that will ensure my customers keep coming back?, How should I advertise on the Internet?, and How do I process a sale and provide after-sales support on the Internet?

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