The Whole Internet (Academic Edition)

Author: Ed Krol and Bruce Klopfenstein
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN: 0-534-50674-7
Price: US$25.00
Pages: 576
Published: 1996
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Notes: This academic edition of the best-selling textbook unlocks the Internet's resources for students. Covering everything from the basics (electronic mail, news groups, and FTP archives, etc.) to the newest developments while avoiding use of highly technical language to make the text accessible to even novice computer users. To meet the specialized needs of those who will use the Internet for academic research purposes, this edition adds academic research-oriented examples where pertinent; includes creative figures (many unique to this edition) depicting network functions to demonstrate otherwise complicated and technical information graphically; and expands its glossary and resource listings. Gives detailed coverage to Mosaic, introduces students to Multimedia e-mail (MIME), and covers the latest improvements to Gopher, Archie, and WAIS. An Internet address is provided for students to access additional assignments.

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