The Lawyer's Guide to the Internet

Author: G. Burgess Allison
Publisher: The American Bar Association
ISBN: 1-57073-149-7
Price: $29.95
Pages: 368
Published: March 1995
For more information: (312) 988-5522 or
Notes: This is an introduction to the Internet specifically tailored to lawyers and law offices. Covers the usual Internet basics, then applies them to the specific uses that a law office might have. The author also discusses Internet uses such as legal research and client communications, as well as information provider applications, such as electronic publishing. Explains establishing an Internet presence, and why you should *not* repeat the Green Card Incident. Also includes a information about the special problems that lawyers face on the net, and using Internet software for internal systems inside the law office. Also includes three law-related resource listings available online: excerpts from Heels' legallist, all of Louis-Jacques' lawlists and Tsang-Austin's govdocs.

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