Canadian Internet Handbook, 1995 edition

Author: Jim Carroll and Rick Broadhead
Publisher: Prentice Hall Canada
ISBN: 0-13-329350-5
Price: $21.95
Pages: 800
Published: 2nd edition, November 1994
For more information: handbook.html.
Notes: Notes from 1st ed: If you live in Canada, get this book. It contains sections about getting Internet access in Canada, growth of 'net use there, short basic sections about how to use of some of the most popular Internet tools, a huge directory of Canadian Internet service providers, and even more huge list of gopher servers and campus-wide information systems in Canada and to top it off, lists of Canadian-based Usenet groups, WWW, Archie, IRC servers and online catalogs. Notes from the 2nd edition: really, really get this book!

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