Internet Public Access Guide

Author: Phil Hughes
Publisher: SSC
ISBN: 0-916151-70-0
Price: $2.95
Pages: 64
Published: 1994
For more information: or (206) 527-3385.
Thanks for the info: Graham Keith Rogers <>
Notes: Graham Rodgers says: "64-page guide to Internet basics. Very easy to follow instructions, clearly set out. With the small size not everything can be included but the price represents good value. The paper cover deteriorates with use." I say: A whole lot of information for the money. Well-presented, simple and above all, short. Covers "What is the Internet?", terms, UNIX basics, e-mail, Usenet, FTP, rlogin and telnet, finger, archie, gopher and veronica. Easy-to-follow examples. They'll sell you just one, but the book is primarily intended to be sold to service providers and distributed to their users.

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