The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Internet (2nd ed.)

Author: Peter Kent
Publisher: Alpha
ISBN: 1-56761-535-X
Price: US$19.95, CAN$26.99, UK$18.95
Pages: 367
Goodies: Coupons, Windows disk
Published: 1995
Notes: Don't take that exit ramp yet! Pick up The Complete's Idiot's Guide To The Internet (Second Edition) helps you make sense of this vast network, so you can get the information you want and get on with your life. You get simple steps to all the basics, plus friendly advice in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-enjoy format. Covers IBM Compatibles & Macs. Short cuts, definitions, and warnings help you save time and effort, and a handy tear-out card provides lifesaving reminders - so you can use the Internet with confidence.
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