The Internet Companion, A Beginner's Guide To Global Networking

Author: Tracy LaQuey with Jeanne C. Ryer
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0-201-62224-6
Price: $10.95
Pages: 196
Published: 1993
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Notes: The Companion includes a detailed history of the Internet, a discussion on "netiquette" (network etiquette), and how to find resources on the net. It is difficult to know what is supposed to be "companionable" about this volume. Physically, it would be easy to carry it along with you. You probably wouldn't want to, though. It does give one some background on the Internet, but it is not in a step-by-step fashion. (How to access the Internet is the *last* topic to be covered.) The newcomer to the Internet will more likely want to read it all (possibly at one sitting; it's small enough) and look at the network gestalt.

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