Teach Yourself the Internet: Around the World in 21 Days

Author: Neil Randall
Publisher: Sams
ISBN: 0-672-30519-4
Price: $27.00
Pages: 700
Published: July 1994
For more information: http://www.mcp.com:80/cgi-bin/bag?isbn=0-672-30519-4&last=/sams
Notes: A well-organized tutorial that shows, in a topic oriented (not tool-oriented) fashion how to find information online. If you're interested in reading (or publishing) an online magazine, it shows you where to go for the goods on Usenet, in mailing lists and on WWW. If you're looking for a job, the authors show you not only how to find job listings online, but how to use the 'net to reserach prospective employers and find international job sources. It also covers lots of ground in education, art, entertainment and business. Even if you've been on the 'net for years, this book can show you corners of the 'net you've never imagined.

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