DOS User's Guide to the Internet

Author: James Gardner
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-106873-3
Price: $34.95
Pages: 308
Goodies: DOS disk
Published: 1993
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Thanks for the info: Robert Slade <>
Notes: A minimalist software package and manual for setting up a UUCP connection for mail and news. This title is almost completely misleading. This book is not for DOS users, except that you must be running DOS to run the MKS UUCP for DOS programs for which this book is a manual. This book is also not about the Internet, as such. Both the specifics and the concepts refer to UUCP rather than the Internet. The text of the book does point out that there are differences, but the examples given relate to UUCP. That said, for those who are interested in making their first move to a direct Internet connection, this could be an excellent choice. UUCP was designed to be quite comfortable with dialup connections, and this book and associated programs, help to automate a number of the connection functions while freeing the user from much of the technical detail that TCP/IP requires.

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