Driving the Infohighway - A Guide for VAX/VMS Users

Author: Gerald Neufeld
Publisher: New Fields Publishing
ISBN: 0-920436-54-4
Price: $18.95 (US), $24.95 (CAN)
Pages: 296
Published: 1994
For more information: (204) 729-8943
Thanks for the info: Peter Scott <scottp@herald.usask.ca>
Notes: The book is for users who will be accessing the Internet via a VAX/VMS host. It is designed for a reader who has some familiarity with personal computers but who has had little or no experience in using the VAX. It assumes that the user will be accessing the VAX using a VT-100 or better terminal or terminal emulation program. It explains how to access the VAX using a PC on the campus-wide ethernet LAN or by modem. The book can be used as a tutorial for beginners. The novice user will find the step by step instructions, practical examples, and glossary very helpful. However, the book can also be used as a valuable resource for the more experienced user.

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