Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh

Author: Adam Engst
Publisher: Hayden
SBN: 1-56830-111-1
Price: $29.95
Pages: 640
Goodies: Mac floppy disk filled with great software and free connect time
Published: 2nd ed., Aug 1994
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Notes: I used to think that this was absolutely the best Internet book for Macintosh users that was ever - or could ever be - written. Then, the second edition came out and proved me wrong. This book claims to be "everything you need to get on the Internet" and it delivers: everything from the software you'll need to get connected, to 1,000 pages of copious knowledge. This is a fun, enlightening, excellent book. If you own a Mac and are on the Internet (or want to connect) this is the one to get.

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