10 Minute Guide to the Internet

Author: Peter Kent
Publisher: Alpha
ISBN: 1-56761-428-0
Price: $12.99 US, $16.99 CAN
Pages: 162
Published: 1994
For more information: http://www.mcp.com/cgi-bin/bag?isbn=1-56761-428-0&last=/bookstore
Notes: A terse introduction to the Internet, how to get online and how to navigate using UNIX, e-mail, FTP, archie, WAIS, WWW, gopher, telnet and Usenet. For the rank beginner. Divided into 20 or so "ten-minute" lessons. Does a fair job, considering its brevity, but is too short to serve as a thorough introduction. Slanted to Microsoft Windows users accessing a UNIX host.

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