Community Networks: Lessons from Blacksburg, Virginia

Author: Andrew Cohill, Andrea Kavanaugh
Publisher: Artech House Publishers
ISBN: 0-89006-896-8
Price: 39
Pages: 334
Published: March 1997
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Notes: Community Networks is the story of the Blacksburg Electronic Village (BEV), America's most "wired" town. With more than half its population connected to the Internet, citizens can order their groceries... view art at a town gallery... or voice their opinions on a new bond issue... all online! Authored by the people who made it happen, this book explains exactly how BEV has developed, from its original concept in 1991 to how it is managed today. It addresses the social, economic, technical, and educational impact of living in a =ECconnected town,=EE based on community-wide surveys, focus groups, and data logging efforts. You can see what the current services are and how they are used by community members, and understand what has and hasn=EDt worked along the way -- and why. The book also describes the essential components of a community network, and offers valuable =EChow to=EE advice on designing and developing an electronic community.

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