The Internet and Business: A Lawyer's Guide to the Emerging Legal Issues

Author: Joseph F. Ruh Jr.
Publisher: Computer Law Association
ISBN: 1-885169-05-1
Price: $25 CLA members; $30 Non-members
Pages: 165 pgs
Published: January 1996
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Notes: An overview of the key legal issues facing Internet users and providers. Targeted at attorneys who advise business clients about Internet use issues. Includes eleven chapters: (1) Introduction to the Internet; (2) A Cryptography Primer; (3) Trademark Protection for Internet Domain Names; (4) On-Line Privacy; (5) Discovery and Destruction of E-mail; (6) Employers, Employees, E-mail and the Internet; (7) EDI Implementation; (8) Electronic Cash Under Current Banking Law; (9) Legal and Business Issues for On-Line Publishers and Content Providers; (10) First Amendment Protection for Networks and On-Line Systems; (11) Criminal Law and the Internet.

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