51 Reasons: How We Use the Internet and What it Says About the Information Superhighway

Author: Martha Stone-Martin and Laura Breeden
Publisher: FARNET
ISBN: None
Price: $19.95
Pages: 124
Published: 1994
For more information: (617) 860-9445 or stories@farnet.org
Notes: This is a unique book exploring how people and organizations in all 50 United States (plus the capitol) are using the Internet as the first stepping stone toward the Clinton administration's "information superhighway". Written as an oral narrative from the mouths of the people making these projects work, the book covers uses of the Internet in libraries, K-12 education, agriculture, economic development, government, health care and higher education. Although brief, 51 Reasons gives novel ideas for the use of the Internet and provides contact information for each of the individuals/projects mentioned. You can get the text of the book online via gopher (gopher.cni.org:70/11/cniftp/miscdocs/farnet) and FTP (ftp.cni.org:/CNI/documents/farnet/stories-index).
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