net.speak - the Internet Dictionary

Author: Tom Fahey
Publisher: Hayden
ISBN: 1-56830-095-6
Price: $12.95
Pages: 250
Published: August, 1994
Notes: If you've ever wondered just what the InterNIC is, or what MIME stands for, or the difference between a bridge and a router, pick up net.speak - the Internet Dictionary. This is a dictionary of all things Internet, listing some 2,000 Internet-related phrases, acronyms and jargon. Although the definitions are brief, this book contains a useful mix of tech-speak (like High-Level Data Link Control), common Internet slang (like "spam") and those hard-to-decrypt acronyms (like RTFM, KIS and NIC.) To keep things from getting dull, the book peppered with cartoons, interesting stories about the 'net and etiquette tips.

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