A Guide for Accessing California Legislative Information over Internet

Author: Legislative Counsel Bureau, State of California
Publisher: State of California
ISBN: none listed
Price: free to California residents
Pages: 30
Published: 1994
For more information: comments@leginfo.public.ca.gov
Thanks for the info: Mike Quinn
Notes: This pamphlet tells how you can find California legislative information online. Explains what legislation info is available, what assistance is available and how the information is organized. The majority of the book is spent explaining the Internet, how to get access, how to use electronic mail and where to go for more detailed information. There's also a simple glossary of legislative terms. This pamphlet is also available online, in PostScript format. Send e-mail: To: ftpmail@leginfo.public.ca.gov Body: connect leginfo.public.ca.gov get README_public_access_guide_ps quit
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