The Elements of Networking Style

Author: Padlipsky, M.A.
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0-13-268129-3 hc, 0-13-268111-0 pb
Price: $34.95 -- CAN$44.95
Pages: 236
Published: 1984
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Notes: Mike was the Multics system-programmer at Project Mac, and is personally responsible for putting two systems on the ARPAnet back when that meant hacking the OS designed and implemented a number of protocols including being working-group chair, and has been a commentator on Internet RFCs since the beginning. (He was also Dennis Ritchie's officemate before Bell Labs pulled out of Multics & Dennis had to invent UNIX, and has a personal exemption from Dijkstra to use a GOTO when, in his professional opinion as a protocol implementor, it is necessary.) This is a book on style in protocol design and the great Bromdinagian TCP vs. ISO debates. It's a nice piece of history and explains where TCP, TELNET, FTP came from.

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