!%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks

Author: Donnalyn Frey & Rick Adams
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN: 1-56592-046-5
Price: $9.95
Pages: 640
Published: 4th ed, June 1994
For more information: http://gnn.com/gnn/bus/ora/item/email4.html or info@ora.com
Thanks for the info: Robert Slade <ROBERTS@decus.ca>
Notes: This book is a reference work. It details the various computer networks with gateways to the Internet. It is common to cite such works as "indispensable": in fact, most users, and even site managers, muddle along quite happily without it. Quick reference "electronic" versions exist of very similar documents, which provide the addressing schemes for the more common network and commercial service gateways. Frey and Adams have, however, put together a very complete and interesting reference, and I do suggest it to anyone managing, or using, extensive e-mail correspondence. As a user of electronic mail, or the manager of a small Internet node or UUCP site, it would be hard to say that you "need" this book. If, however, you are at all interested in the topic of e-mail, you will find this fascinating and useful.

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