MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

Can MOSPF and DVMRP interoperate?

At the Boston IETF, John Moy agreed to add support for DVMRP to his MOSPF implementation. He hopes to have this completed "well in advance of the next IETF". When it is finished, you will be able to set up a DVMRP tunnel from an mrouted to Proteon a router, glueing together the DVMRP with MOSPF domains (the MOSPF domains will look pretty like ethernets to themulticast topology).

The advantages to linking DVMRP with MOSPF are: fewer configured tunnels, and less multicast traffic on the links inside the MOSPF domain. There are also a couple potential drawbacks: increasing the size of DVMRP routing messages, and increasing the number of external routes in the OSPF systems. However, it should be possible to alleviated these drawbacks by configuring area address ranges and by judicious use of MOSPF default routing.

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