MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

How can I find out about teleconference events?

Many of the audio and video transmissions over the MBONE are advertised in "sd", the session directory tool developed by Van Jacobson at LBL. Session creators specify all the address parameters necessary to join the session, then sd multicasts the advertisement to be picked up by anyone else running sd. The audio and video programs can be invoked with the right parameters by clicking a button in sd. From ftp.ee.lbl.gov, get the file sd.tar.Z or sgi-sd.tar.Z or dec-sd.tar.Z.

Schedules for IETF audio/videocasts and some other events are announced on the IETF mailing list (send a message to ietf-request@cnri.reston.va.us to join). Some events are also announced on the rem-conf mailing list, along with discussions of protocols for remote conferencing (send a message to rem-conf-request@es.net to join).

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