Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

1.28. So is this the Information superhighway?

Oh, how I hate that phrase. The so-called information superhighway (also known as the infobahn in those sleek cybermedia magazines) is a phrase used by newspapers and television news reporters who don't know how better to describe new technology that they don't quite understand. Not that the term is overused, but I've heard the information superhighway used to refer to the Internet, to television-top boxes that will deliver movies on demand, and to personal digital assistants like Apple's Newton. (One of the local TV news shows in Northern California even used the term to describe a program in which college students repair computers from circa 1980 to give to grammar schools. That's the information superhighway?)

At any rate, call it what you will: the Internet is one part of a future where more people will have easier, less expensive access to technology. That technology could reshape our lives, or we might only be able to order pizza delivery from an on-screen menu. We can only wait and see.

No one can quite define it, but we will know it when we see it.

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