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4.29. How can I find mailing lists that interest me?

There are zillions and zillions of mailing lists available. How do you find the ones that you are interested in? Grab one of the following lists of mailing lists and peruse it for the topics that most interest you.

The SRI NISC "Interest Groups" List of Lists

This is a list that describes most of the special-interest group mailing lists, explains their primary topics, and tells how to subscribe to them. Unfortunately, it has not been updated since June, 1993, and no updates are in sight. Although the list is still handy for finding interesting mailing lists, keep in mind that some of the mailing lists have died, changed location, or moderator or have been otherwise affected by the winds of change.

A hardcopy, indexed version is available from Prentice Hall under the title "Internet: Mailing Lists" (ISBN 0-13-327941-3). It is also available online for free, but watch out: it's more than a megabyte long.

via anonymous FTP:
via e-mail To:
           Body: send interest-groups
A typical entry in the lists of lists looks like this one:
4DOS on ListServ@IndyCMS      ListServ@IndyCMS.IUPUI.Edu
     4DOS (4DOS command interpreter) is dedicated to discussion of the
command interpreter, or "DOS Shell," produced by JP Software Inc. 4DOS
list) is completely independent of 4DOS (the command interpreter) and JP
Software Inc (the manufacturer).

     To subscribe to 4DOS send the following command
SUB 4DOS yourfirstname yourlastname in the BODY or mail (or an
command on BITNET) to Listserv@INDYCMS.BITNET or
4DOS is owned and coordinated by an interested user (John B

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