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4.5. What's a "blind carbon copy"?

If you wish to send a copy of an electronic mail message to someone without the knowledge of the folks listed in the To: and Cc: header lines), you can use the blind carbon copy (Bcc:) header item. Addresses listed in the Bcc: line will receive a stealth copy of your outgoing message. They will not, however, receive copies of any replies to your message. If you send your message to multiple blind carbon copy recipients, these are also hidden from each other.

Note: I've found the Bcc: function to be very reliable, but you should test your system's Bcc: function to make sure your system really strips the Bcc: line out of your message's header. You'll never see the Bcc: line in mail that you receive: it's only there for the actual submission of the first mail item, then it is removed.

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