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5.11. What newsgroups should be required reading for newcomers?

With so much to choose from, everybody has their own Usenet reading list. But there are a few newsgroups that are particularly of interest to newcomers. Among them are I checked out news.answers to see what FAQs were posted in the past few days. Here are some examples:
====== 796 unread articles in news.answers -- read now? [+ynq]
Reading overview file...........
REC.NUDE FAQ--The Questions, Part I of III
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
soc.religion.quaker Answers to Freque...Asked Questions
Info-VAX: Introduction to Info-VAX
Info-VAX: "Basic" Common Questions
Info-VAX: "Advanced" Common Questions
Info-VAX: How to find VAX/VMS software.
[rec.scuba] FAQ: Frequently Asked Que...Monthly Posting
[] FAQ: Frequentl...Monthly Posting
[] FAQ: Wrestling Relations
FAQ: (part 1 of 4)
comp.lang.c Answers to Frequently Asked Qu...(FAQ List)
comp.protocols.ppp part1 of 8 of f...wanted information
Project Management Programs - Frequen...Questions (FAQ)
comp.compilers monthly message and Fr...Asked Questions
Catalog of compilers, interpreters, [p1of3]
Amateur Radio: Elmers List Quick-Search Index
Amateur Radio: Elmers Resource Directory
A Guide to Buying and Selling on Usenet
Midi files/software archives on the Internet
Computer Music bibliography
Bisexual Resource List (monthly posting)
monthly FAQ, one of two
Music Notation Programs - a list to answer a FAQ
Welcome to File Index (Updated 1/17/94) faq 940117 revision
comp.periphs.scsi FAQ part 1 of 2
Sci.physics Frequently Asked Questions - Feb...Part 1/2
Cryonics FAQ 1: Index
Welcome to
Welcome to soc.religion.bahai Frequently Asked Questions
Space FAQ 01/13 - Introduction
Economists' Resources on the Internet

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