Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

6.19. Where can I get updates on new software and stuff on the Internet?

The Usenet group comp.archives is home to information about the latest updates to many Internet file archives. This newsgroup is a great place to find out about recent additions to file archives and learn about new ones. Here's some of what was announced on comp.archives today: pictures from the movie Deliverance, relief maps of United States geography, a movie archive, and lots of other good stuff.
[comp.speech] "rsynth" text-to-speech code f...and SGI
[comp.robotics] 'F1 controller software
[] * * * SPISPOPD V2...* *
[] ** JUMBLE v3.0 RELEASED **
[] 26 New...CICA [02/23/94]
[] 43 New...CICA [02/23/94]
[comp.sys.atari.8bit] 8-Bit Emulator on
[] >>>> QSEQ v1.0c acce...mailer
[comp.infosystems.www] [ANNOUNCE] RosettaMan v2.0 alpha
[] [VidBits]...Out Already!
[rec.arts.fine] A Free Digital Gallery
[] Amoeba's personal Bolo WWW page
[comp.lang.tcl] ANNOUNCE: xibc-0.3...Backgammon Server
[] ANNOUNCEMENT cont...RNS Features
[comp.lang.functional] Announcing MacGofer 0.22
[alt.sources.d] announcing ncurses 1.8.5
[sci.crypt] Announcing pgptalk
[comp.infosystems.www] ANNOUNCING: the...Movie Archive
[comp.sys.apple2] Apple II emulator ready (well, kinda)
[sci.archaeology] Archaeological...server announcement
[] AUDIO-related Mac software by ftp
[] Deliverance JPEG's
[comp.infosystems.announce] digital USA relief maps on WWW

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