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6.33. Where can I get software for my IBM PC computer?

The Usenet is home to several newsgroups for software for DOS machines.

The group is where you'll find "binaries," or ready-to-run software, for DOS machines such as the IBM PC, AT, and compatible computers. On the day that I looked at to see what was up, it was filled with new releases of virus-scanning software.

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 1351 v25i085:, VirusScan V113 Virus Scanner (part 01/06)
 1352 v25i086:, VirusScan V113 Virus Scanner (part 02/06)
 1353 v25i087:, VirusScan V113 Virus Scanner (part 03/06)
 1354 v25i088:, VirusScan V113 Virus Scanner (part 04/06)
 1355 v25i089:, VirusScan V113 Virus Scanner (part 05/06)
 1356 v25i090:, VirusScan V113 Virus Scanner (part 06/06)
 1357 v25i091:, Clean-Up V113 Virus Remover (part 01/07)
 1358 v25i092:, Clean-Up V113 Virus Remover (part 02/07)
 1359 v25i093:, Clean-Up V113 Virus Remover (part 03/07)
 1360 v25i094:, Clean-Up V113 Virus Remover (part 04/07)
 1361 v25i095:, Clean-Up V113 Virus Remover (part 05/07)
 1362 v25i096:, Clean-Up V113 Virus Remover (part 06/07)
 1363 v25i097:, Clean-Up V113 Virus Remover (part 07/07)
 1364 v25i098:, VirusShield V113 TSR Virus Protection (part
 1365 v25i099:, VirusShield V113 TSR Virus Protection (part
 1366 v25i100:, VirusShield V113 TSR Virus Protection (part
 1367 v25i101:, VirusShield V113 TSR Virus Protection (part
What next? [npq]
The group is for discussions and bug reports about the programs posted to is for file requests and replies concerning where to find programs for IBM PCs. These newsgroups are only for distribution of public domain, freeware, and shareware programs for DOS machines; commercial programs and OS/2 aren't dealt with there.

The newsgroup comp.archives.msdos.announce is a moderated newsgroup for announcements about MS-DOS archives.

Via FTP, check out the following:

Note: You'll find more discussions about MS-DOS computers on comp.os.msdos.apps, comp.os.msdos.misc, comp.os.msdos.programmer,,, and

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