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6.35. Where can I get software for OS/2?

On the Usenet, look in comp.binaries.os2 for programs that run under OS/2.

There's also an OS/2 home page available with WWW. Its address is as follows:
You'll find lots of great information about OS/2 in the OS/2 FAQ list.

You can obtain the OS/2 FAQ via FTP.
(Actually, the filename changes with each version number and probably will have changed by the time you read this.)

Note: Other newsgroups are available for discussion of OS/2, including comp.os.os2.multimedia, comp.os.os2.setup, comp.os.os2.bugs, comp.os.os2.advocacy, comp.os.os2.networking, comp.os.os2.apps, and comp.os.os2.announce.

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