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6.38. Where can I find software for the Amiga?

Aminet is a group of Internet archive sites holding software for the Amiga. The Aminet archives are available at the following FTP sites:

For updates on Amiga software availability, read the posting "Recent-uploads-to-Aminet," which is posted weekly to the Usenet group comp.archives.

Also, check out the following Usenet groups: comp.binaries.amiga (for ready-to-run Amiga programs), comp.sources.amiga (for the source code to compile programs yourself), alt.sources.amiga (another repository for program source code), and alt.sources.amiga.d (for discussion of Amiga source code posts).

Note: By the way, the Usenet features dozens of other Amiga-related newsgroups, including comp.sys.amiga.announce, comp.sys.amiga.applications,,, comp.sys.amiga.hardware, comp.sys.amiga.introduction, comp.sys.amiga.marketplace, comp.sys.amiga.programmer, and many others.

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