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6.41. Where can I find software for my Atari computer?

No, I'm not going to tell you how to find software for every computer ever invented, but I do want to show you that there's software out there for every computer system you can imagine. Systems you might have thought were long dead, like the Commodore Vic-20, the Vectrex video game system, and the Atari 800 are still used and loved, and talked about on the Net.

On the Usenet, check out and for software.

The Atari Archive is a section of the University of Michigan/Merit Software Archives that holds a huge number of files covering all Atari products. It is available via anonymous FTP at the following sites:

The Atari Archive can also be accessed in Gopher. If your system has a Gopher client, try the command gopher 70 to connect directly to the Merit Gopher server, and choose Merit Software Archives.

The Atari Archive is also served by its own mail server. To learn how to access it via e-mail, send a message

Subject: <subject line is ignored>
Body: help
      send 8bit/0index
A separate archive of Atari software is FTPable at
Note: You'll find other talk about Atari computers on the newsgroups comp.sys.atari.advocacy,,,, and comp.sys.atari.8bit.

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