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7.12. How do you search for something in Gopherspace?

You probably thought it'd take a dozen more pages before I actually searched for anything, but let's have a quick look now. The first search will be for documents or files that have something to do with physiology.

To start a search, simply move the cursor on your screen to the item of your choice and press Return, or type the number of the item. I'll use the latter and type #4, which results in the following:

 +-------  Search Gopherspace at the University of Pisa  ----------+
 |                                                                 |
 | Words to search for  physiology                                 |
 |                                                                 |
 |                                 [Cancel ^G] [Accept - Enter]    |
 |                                                                 |

To my surprise, there are quite a few matches: well over 200 documents match the word "physiology." Here are the first fifteen matches listed:
1.  Physiology of feeding-preference patterns of female black
2.  The sensory physiology of host-seeking behavior in mosquitoes.
3.  acj6: A gene affecting olfactory physiology and behavior in Droso.
4.  Blood-feeding by vectors: physiology, ecology, behavior, and vert.
5.  Metabolic physiology of alcohol degradation and adaptation in Dro.
6.  Comprehensive insect physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology. V.
7.  Morphology, physiology, and behavioral biology of ticks.
8.  Olfactory physiology in the Drosophila antenna and maxillary palp.
9.  Nitrogen fertilization influences the physiology of apple leaves.
10. Contributions to sensory physiology of the tick Amblyomma testudi.
11. Physiology of an ATP [adenosine triphosphate] receptor in labella.
12. Physiology of an ATP [adenosine triphosphate] receptor in labella.
13. Cellular and Molecular Physiology.
14. Cellular and Molecular Physiology.
15. Cellular & Molecular Physiology.
Worth noting here is that the last three documents are probably the same file (as are #11 and #12). Because a document can show up in more than one Gopher menu (or more than one computer system), the archival software can't distinguish between them and shows you all of the matches.

To read any of these documents, again either move the cursor to the document and press Return or simply type the number of the document itself. I'll have a quick peek at #8 (not that I can figure out what it's about from the title!).

Ayer, R. K., Jr., Carlson, J.. Olfactory physiology in the
    antenna and maxillary palp: acj6 Distinguishes two classes of
    odorant pathways. Journal Of Neurobiology, 1992  8. 23. 965-982.

A-B 89-6,93

Press <RETURN> to continue, <m> to mail, <s> to save, or
<p> to print:
The document consists of a bibliographic citation to a journal article.

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