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7.26. Is the Library of Congress just books?

Answered by Kathryn D. Ellis, Internet User's Group Coordinating Committee member at the Library of Congress

Four online exhibits are currently to be found in the FTP site as well as through MARVEL. Each exhibit has its own directory under /pub. These are /pub/soviet.archive, /pub/vatican.exhibit, /pub/1492.exhibit, and /pub/deadsea.scrolls.exhibit. The same exhibits are found in MARVEL under

  2. Library of Congress: Facilities, Activities, and Services
     2. Events and Exhibits
        4. Online Exhibits from LC (FTP ***site at***
and have also been picked up by various mirror sites. In particular, WWW versions of the exhibits can be viewed with Mosiac or another Web browser at the following: ***"office.html ***. The exhibits will be up "indefinitely." If they are superseded by other types of technology, they may be removed or updated, but the intention is that they be available for the foreseeable future.

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