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7.31. I have heard a lot about the PowerPC Macintosh. Is there any information on this subject available through the Internet?

This is a job for the FAQ document! Indeed, it turns out that there's an FAQ database accessible within WAIS called news.answers-faqs. A search for macintosh powerpc revealed a number of matches, the very topmost being as follows:
001:   [1000] (           faqs)  PowerPC-FAQ
/archive/doc/news/faqs/mac   589
A quick glance into the file shows that it's exactly what we want.
Subject: Macintosh PowerPC FAQ
Date: 13 Mar 1994 06:56:30 GMT

         answers about PowerPC and its relation to the Macintosh.
Archive-name: macintosh/PowerPC-FAQ
Last-modified: 1994/03/13
Version: 1.6

Finger-FAQ at - "finger"
              Macintosh PowerPC Frequently Asked Questions


   This FAQ was created in response to a request for a PowerPC FAQ in 
comp.sys.mac.hardware. It exists to answer basic questions about the future

of Macintosh and its relation to the PowerPC series of

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