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7.35. My daughter is learning the computer language LOGO in her fourth grade class. Is there information about LOGO on the Internet?

This one can have a number of facets, because you can find discussion groups about LOGO (on Usenet or a mailing list) and you can find specific items of information. I'll start by searching through the list of mailing lists that I've previously FTPed from MIT. A quick search with grep -i logo part* of the eight-part file reveals that there's a match in part five, which I can then find with a UNIX editor.
Great. Now how about Usenet? I also have a copy of the newgroups list that I previously obtained, also from MIT, and grep -i logo newsgroups shows the following:
part1:comp.lang.logo         The Logo teaching and learning
Not only is there a LOGO mailing list, there's also a Usenet group. How about using Veronica to see what we can find through that service? A quick search for logo reveals lots of matches (over 1,400) that are almost all actual graphics of a company, school, or organizational logo. I try again, narrowing the search to just directories with the word logo (Veronica search logo -t1) and find 135 matches, including some that have the name of the aforementioned Usenet group (comp.lang.logo). I choose one of the directories and it turns out that there's a version of LOGO for the Commodore Amiga just sitting there waiting to be downloaded!

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