Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

7.45. How can I keep up-to-date on nifty new Internet goings-on?

Here's information about some of the best places to find information about what's new on the Internet.

Net-Happenings Mailing List

The net-happenings mailing list is my favorite resource for finding out what's new -- just about everything ends up in net-happenings, including various electronic newsletters, announcements of new gopher servers, government agency databases, the Internet Hunt and much more.

Subscribe by sending e-mail

Subject: <subject line is ignored>
Body: subscribe net-happenings Your Name

The Scout Report

The Scout Report is a weekly publication offered by InterNIC Information Services as a fast, convenient way to stay informed about what's new on the Net. Its highlights new resources and offers news about the Internet. Some of what appears here parallels the Net happenings list, but the Scout Report is a lower-volume mailing list, published once a week.

To receive the Scout Report via electronic mail, send a message

Subject: <subject line is ignored>
Body: subscribe scout-report Your Name

Internet Monthly Report

The Internet Monthly Report announces the online accomplishments, milestones, and problems discovered by a variety of organizations in the Internet community. You can receive the report by e-mail by sending a message to Your message will be read by a human, so ask nicely.

Another good place to look to stay updated on new Internet tools and toys is the Usenet newsgroup This newsgroup usually contains a selection of information about new resources, new user questions and an overwhelming number of questions asking "Where can I find Internet access in Toledo?" If you manage to wade through these, you'll find some great Net info here.

Yanoff's Internet Services List

Also, read Scott Yanoff's Internet Services list. This list of resources is updated twice a month. If there's an database, game or FTP site worth knowing about, it's probably listed in Yanoff's list. Finger to find ways to receive this list, or check for it on

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