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What investment-related newsgroups are on Usenet?

Another quick look through the list of newsgroups revealed Take a closer look at misc.invest by hopping over to the MIT Usenet archive system and changing the directory to /pub/usenet/misc.invest. There are a bunch of curiously named files.
I'll use the get command to view the first file, which says (in a lot of words) that I need to look instead in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/investment-faq/general. I do so and find a table of contents (toc) document and three files called part1, part2, and part3. I opt to view the table of contents of the misc.invest FAQ document just to get an idea of what's inside.
Newsgroups: misc.invest,misc.answers,news.answers,misc.invest.stocks
From: (Christopher Lott)
Subject: misc.invest FAQ on general investment topics (Table of Contents)
Summary: Answers to frequently asked questions about investments.
         Should be read by anyone who wishes to post to misc.invest.
Organization: University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 1994 01:02:17 GMT

Archive-name: investment-faq/general/toc
Version: $Id: faq-toc,v 1.13 1994/03/23 06:56:18 lott Exp lott $
Compiler: Christopher Lott,

This is the table of contents for the general misc.invest FAQ.

Articles in this FAQ discusses issues pertaining to money and investment 
instruments, specifically stocks, bonds, and things like options and life

insurance. Subjects more appropriate to misc.consumers are not included
For extensive information on mutual funds, see the mutual fund FAQ, which is

maintained by

    Sources for Current and Historical Market Data
    Beginning Investor's Advice
    Dave Rhodes and Other Chain Letters
    American Depository Receipts (ADR)
    Bankrupt Broker
    Book-to-Bill Ratio
    Books About Investing (especially stocks)
    Bull and Bear Lore
    Buying and Selling Stock Without a Broker
    Computing the Rate of Return on Monthly Investments
    Computing Compound Return
    Discount Brokers
    Dividends on Stock and Mutual Funds
    Dollar Cost and Value Averaging
    Dollar Bill Presidents
    Dramatic Stock Price Increases and Decreases
    Direct Investing and DRIPS
    Free Information
    Future and Present Value of Money
    Getting Rich Quickly
    Charles Givens
    Investment Associations (AAII and NAIC)
    Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    Investment Jargon
    Life Insurance
    Money-Supply Measures M1, M2, and M3
    Market Makers and Specialists
    NASD Public Disclosure Hotline
    One-Letter Ticker Symbols
    One-Line Wisdom
    Option Symbols
    Options on Stocks
    P/E Ratio
    Pink Sheet Stocks
    Renting vs. Buying a Home
    Retirement Plan - 401(k)
    Round Lots of Shares
    Savings Bonds (from US Treasury)
    SEC Filings / Edgar
    Shorting Stocks
    Stock Basics
    Stock Exchange Phone Numbers
    Stock Index Types
    Stock Index - The Dow
    Stock Indexes - Others
    Stock Splits
    Technical Analysis
    Ticker Tape Terminology
    Treasury Debt Instruments
    Treasury Direct
    Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA)
    Wash Sale Rule (from U.S. IRS)
    Zero-Coupon Bonds


Compilation Copyright (c) 1994 by Christopher Lott,
"Christopher Lott / Email: / Tel: +49 (631)
"Adresse: FB Informatik - Bau 57 / Universitaet KL / D--67653
It's clear that a tremendous amount of helpful information is available in this document, and it allows me to make a recommendation: if you're interested in any aspect of investing and would like to see what kind of services are available on the Internet, get a copy of this document from the MIT archive server.

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