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9.10. Is there anything on the National Information Infrastructure on the Internet?

Oh, just a few things...:-)

High Performance Computing and Communications

"Toward a National Information Infrastructure," the U.S. federal government's report on creating a National Information Infrastructure, is now available in full text.

Gopher to / hpcc-toward a national information
The Information Infrastructure Task Force has set up a Gopher site that provides access to task force directories, press releases, calendars, and committee reports as well as the full text of speeches, documents, and select legislation relevant to the National Information Infrastructure. Gopher to

The National Information Infrastructure Agenda

The full text of a Clinton administration report describing the role of government in promoting the development of the telecommunications and information infrastructure by the private sector. The Agenda is available at Gopher / americans communicating electronically / national policy issues Making Government Work--Electronic Delivery of Federal Services

Full text of a Congressional Office of Technology Assessment report about the use of computer and telecommunications technology in the delivery of government services. Gopher to / americans communicating electronically / office of

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