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9.13. Does the Canadian Government Actively Work with the Internet Community?

Yes. The Open Government Pilot is a project developed by the Canadian federal Department of Industry Canada. It opens the Canadian federal government to all Internet users, as a "one-stop shop" for government information. The project's aim is to provide Canadians wide access to government documents, databases, political parties, and elected officials, as well as Canadian legislative bodies such as the Senate of Canada and the House of Commons.

Information files also available through the project are contributed by The Supreme Court of Canada, Government Departments such as Industry Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the National Research Council of Canada, National Library of Canada, and Health Canada. The Pilot also provides information from the Canadian provinces.

Important historical documents available via the Open Government Pilot include the Free Trade Agreement, North American Free Trade Agreement, GATT, as well as documents from NATO and the United Nations.

Note: The project is still under development and plans to make available lists of e-mail addresses and biographies of Members of Parliament and Senators as well as historical information about the Parliament. Although the project is up and running, it has not yet been officially launched by the Canadian government.

The Pilot is available on WWW at the following:
or Gopher to government project

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