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9.19. Is Statistics Canada on the Internet?

Yes it is. Statistics Canada is the country's national statistical agency. Under the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is required to collect, compile, analyze, abstract, and publish statistical information on virtually every aspect of the nation's society and economy.

This Internet site gives general information about Statistics Canada, including press releases and a description of its services. It also points the visitor to other government Gophers and announces relevant conferences and workshops. It also points users toward other Internet Tools (other Gophers, Archie, Veronica, WAIS, WWW).

The service also offers StatsCan's publication, The Daily. It releases statistical data and publications produced by Statistics Canada. It is a source guide for newly released data. It contains weekly and monthly schedules of upcoming major news releases. It announces the availability of electronic products and new services from Statistics Canada, as well. The Daily is published every business day in both official languages. This site also allows the user to search The Daily, and provides an archive source for the publication.

Statistics Canada offers a listserver that automatically provides subscribers with up-to-date information. (A perfect Xmas idea for those number crunchers in the family!) To subscribe to Statistics Canada's Listserver, send an e-mail message

Subject: <leave subject line blank>
Body: subscribe statcan yourfirstname yourlastname
For interactive use, Gopher to or FTP to

Here's an example of some of the thrilling information available from Statistics Canada.

Apparent per capita consumption of red meats

On a carcass-weight basis, the apparent per capita consumption of beef was
kg in 1993, compared to 32.3 kg in 1992. Veal consumption decreased to 1.4
per capita, from 1.5 kg. But mutton and lamb consumption increased to 0.9
per capita, from 0.8 kg. And pork consumption decreased to 27.5 kg per
from 28.3 kg.
 On a retail weight basis, the apparent per capita consumption of beef was
kg in 1993, compared to 23.5 kg in 1992. Pork consumption decreased to 20.9
per capita, from 21.5 kg.
 Estimates of the apparent per capita consumption of red meats have been
revised back to 1971, in order to reflect revisions to the estimates of
s population.
Crushing statistics
March 1994

Oilseed processors crushed 190 thousand tonnes of canola in March 1994, a
increase from February 1994 and an 8% increase from March 1993 (176
tonnes). Canola crushings for the current crop year (from August 1, 1993
July 31, 1994) continued at a record 1.5 million tonnes.
 Canola oil output totalled 79 thousand tonnes in March, while canola
production was 116 thousand tonnes. Oil stocks declined to 26 thousand
in March 1994, from 35 thousand in February. Canola meal stocks were 38
thousand tonnes in March.

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