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9.24. What about the National Archives Catalogue of Computer Files?

Researchers may browse through the catalog of computer files available from the National Archives from the comfort of their own PCs! What is the National Archives of Canada? Well, according to the system,

    One of Canada's oldest cultural agencies, the National Archives of
    Canada was established in 1872, and serves as the collective memory
    of the nation. It does so by acquiring, describing, and preserving
    significant archival material relating to Canadian life - literally
    millions of manuscripts, photographs, films, maps, tapes, video
    recordings, books, paintings, drawings, prints, and electronic and
    other records.

    The Archives is responsible for conserving Canada's archival
    heritage and making it available to as wide an audience as
    possible. While most of the material is in traditional "hardcopy"
    form, the Archives has been collecting and preserving electronic
    records for about twenty years. We would like to make these
    computer files available to users of NCF.
Available online for your reading pleasure include such wonderful stories as "Borrowing microform from National Archives," "Tracing your ancestors," "Information on shipwrecks in Canada," and "Treaties with aboriginal peoples."

This site also provides a very useful guide to doing research at the National Archives in Ottawa.

Telnet to and login as guest. Choose the menu items: Government Center/Federal Government/National Archives of Canada.

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