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11.9. Wow, people sure hook weird things up to the Net. What other funky gadgets have been plugged in?

Let's see, there's a hot tub:
$ finger
Paul's hottub is nice and warm at about 101 degrees Farenheit.
It is cold outside at about 39 degrees Farenheit.
The ozone generator is working.  The cover is closed.
The backup battery is Ok at  9.9 volts (this will still work down to 6
For more information, send email to
Not long after I discovered that, I found this post on news.misc:
From: Andrew K Sheaff <IO92384@MAINE.MAINE.EDU>
Subject: In the spirit of coke@cmu
In the spirit of the monitored coke machine at CMU, I've set up a
that will give users all over the world the temperature in my office.
To get the info just 'telnet 9876'.  If you have
any ideas to expand this send me some mail.


Andrew K. Sheaff                 Bitnet:  IO92384@Maine
Univeristy of Maine            Internet:  IO92384@Maine.Maine.EDU
Orono, Maine                        DEC:  Sheaff@Bunter.EECE.Maine.EDU

Sure enough, it's a crisp 68 degrees in his lab, somewhere in Maine...
Welcome to the Small Temperature system!
The current temperature in Eric's and Andy's lab,
Room 220, Barrows Hall, UMaine, Orono, Maine, USA
is: 76.17 degrees Fahrenheit
is: 24.54 degrees Celsius

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