MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

Which workstation platforms can support the mrouted program?

The most convenient platform is a Sun SPARCstation simply because that is the machine used for mrouted development. An older machine (such as a SPARC-1 or IPC) will provide satisfactory performance as long as the tunnel fanout is kept in the 5-10 range. The platforms for which software is available:

    Machines             Operating Systems       Network Interfaces
    --------             -----------------       ------------------
    Sun SPARC            SunOS 4.1.1,2,3         ie, le, lo
    Vax or Microvax      4.3+ or 4.3-tahoe       de, qe, lo
    Decstation 3100,5000 Ultrix 3.1c, 4.1, 4.2a  ln, se, lo
    Silicon Graphics     All ship with multicast

There is an interested group at DEC that may get the software running on newer DEC systems with Ultrix and OSF/1. Also, some people have asked about support for the RS-6000 and AIX or other platforms. Those interested could use the mbone list to coordinate collaboration on porting the software to these platforms!

An alternative to running mrouted is to run the experimental MOSPF software in a Proteon router (see MOSPF question below).

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