MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

What documentation is available?

Documentation on the IP multicast software is included in the distribution on gregorio.stanford.edu, such as the README file (ftp://gregorio.stanford.edu/vmtp-ip/ipmulticast.README.) A more up-to-date version is at http://www.research.att.com/ipmulticast.README.new RFC1112 specifies the "Host Extensions for IP Multicasting".

Multicast routing algorithms are described in the paper "Multicast Routing in Internetworks and Extended LANs" by S. Deering, in the Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM '88 Conference. His dissertation Multicast Routing in a Datagram Network is available: ftp://gregorio.stanford.edu/vmtp-ip/

There is an article in the June 1992 ConneXions about the first IETF audiocast from San Diego, and a later version of that article is in the July 1992 ACM SIGCOMM CCR. A reprint of the latter article is available by anonymous FTP from ftp://venera.isi.edu/pub/ietf-audiocast-article.ps.

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