MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet

Where can I get a map of the MBONE?

A small and large map are available at ftp://parcftp.xerox.com/pub/net-research/mbone-map-small.ps and ftp://parcftp.xerox.com/pub/net-research/mbone-map-big.ps, respectivly. The small one fits on one page and the big one is four pages that have to be taped together for viewing. This map is produces from topology information collected automatically from all MBONE nodes running the up-to-date released of the mrouted program (some are not yet updated so links beyond them cannot be seen). Pavel Curtis at Xerox PARC has added the mechanisms to automatically collect the map data and produce the map. (Thanks also to Paul Zawada of NCSA who manually produced an earlier map of the MBONE.)

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