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3.32. Where can I get more help with UNIX online?

Congratulations! You now have enough information about UNIX to be dangerous. UNIX is a complex operating system made up of hundreds of commands, oddball nomenclature, and countless little quirks. Don't worry. The Internet is rife with beginner's information about UNIX. To explore more of the basics, read the following.

* The UNIX Frequently Asked Questions list. This huge, seven-part list of questions and answers explores the ins and outs of UNIX. Users of all knowledge levels will learn something from this file. It is available via FTP:*

It is also available via e-mail:

Subject: <subject line is ignored>
Body: send usenet/news.answers/unix-faq/faq/*

* The comp.unix.user-friendly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list is another great source of helpful information. It is available via anonymous FTP

* Also, peruse the Usenet newsgroups comp.unix.user-friendly, comp.unix.questions,, and news.answers.

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