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3.31. What other important UNIX commands should I know about?

The following are some commands that are important. The following is an example of a manual page.
$ man grep
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GREP(1V)                 USER COMMANDS                   GREP(1V)

     grep, egrep, fgrep - search a file for a string  or  regular

     grep [ -bchilnsvw ] [ -e expression ] [ filename... ]

     Commands of the grep family search the input filenames  (the
     standard  input default) for lines matching a pattern.  Nor-
     mally, each line found is copied  to  the  standard  output.
     grep  patterns  are limited regular expressions in the style
     of ed(1).   egrep  patterns  are  full  regular  expressions
     including  alternation.   fgrep patterns are fixed strings -
     no regular expression metacharacters are supported.

     -b   Precede each line by the block number on which  it  was
          found.  This is sometimes useful in locating disk block
          numbers by context.

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