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4.16. How do I send mail from another network or online service to the Internet?

Suppose you're using an online service and want to send mail to someone on the Internet. Can you do it? Probably. Sometimes it's easy, but other times the steps are more convoluted. Have patience and if you can't seem to get your mail out, ask someone using that network or service.

America Online. user@host.domain

AppleLink. user@host.domain@internet#

This is the one of the only cases that I know of where you'll send e-mail with two @s in the To: line. I don't know why they do it that way; it's bad form. To send mail from AppleLink, the destination address must be fewer than 35 characters.

AT&T Mail. internet!domain!user

For example: internet!!waffle.


Methods for sending mail from BITNet to the Internet vary depending on what mail software is running at your BITNet host. In the best case, users should be able to send mail to user@host.domain. If this doesn't work, try user%domain@gateway where gateway is a BITNet-Internet gateway site (such as,, or

CompuServe. >INTERNET:user@host.domain

Connect. DASN

Make the first line of the message "user@host.domain"@DASN

Fidonet. ON 1:1/31

Use the normal Internet address followed by ON 1:1/31.

GEnie. user@host.domain@INET#

MCI Mail.

At the To: prompt, type your recipient's name followed by (EMS) For instance, John Smith (EMS). At the EMS: prompt type INTERNET. Finally, at the Mbx: prompt type user@host.domain.


  • If the destination username begins with digits, begin the address with a quote mark This is a low-traffic site, so use it sparingly and only for short, infrequent messages.

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