Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

5.22. What's the Followup-To: news header?

When you crosspost messages, you might want to direct any replies to your posting to a single newsgroup, to prevent any follow-up discussion from living parallel lives in several places. You can do this by using the Followup-To: field in the headers of Usenet news messages. Followup-To: forces any replies (or follow-ups) to the place of your choosing. (For example, you might crosspost a dirty joke to alt.tasteless and rec.humor. Inserting the line Followup-To: rec.humor.d will force any replies to go to that newsgroup instead of the others.)

Some users put the word poster in the Followup-To: field to send any replies directly to them by e-mail. However, this isn't guaranteed to work. Some system configurations and newsreaders do not handle Followup-To: poster correctly.

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